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2010-09-08 19:03:00 by Lookaz

bored, aint been on NG in a while, so... looking up some more damn cartoons man. peace.


2009-11-16 00:28:55 by Lookaz

man my girlfriend wants me to stop smokin weed.... cuz it make me black to people im around... aparently...

fuck my girl dude, lol, im high right now...

forgot what i was doing...

i wanna find a game on NG that doesnt suck... ya know? i say make a game about killing cops... and takeing the confinscated weed warehouse... thats what is at Area 51! OMG! shit dude! there are no green headed big eyed aliens there!! theres just alot of green and if i were there id have big eyes!

fuck the government....


Art Portal, cool

2009-07-28 16:24:38 by Lookaz

I'm enjoying the Art Portal, kudos to NG for finally putting it onto the site! I actually just uploaded some of my own art.


6 to 12 months Probation with random drug screening
30 hours community service
10:15pm Curfew, oppososed to townships curfew of 11:15pm

River Valley Detension Center

2008-12-27 14:22:56 by Lookaz

2 Weeks ago. I was sent to River Valley Detentionary Center in Joliet, Illinois. I spent about 48 hours estimated in Blue Cell Block A. I saw men twice my size cry about how the charges against them were false and how they were taken from their mothers arms injustly, only to beaten with a nightstick until they complied to be silient. He was only 13, Not even in Highschool.

I post this not to brag. That is not why i post this at all.... I actually thought before that my getting arrested made me tough, Cool. You know? Yeah, sure maybe for a couple days i was the "Bad Boy" at school and a bunch of girls would come and adore me, maybe i was tough enough to then be able to openly stand up to a teacher and talk about Marijuana and how is should be legalized... Maybe its none of those, maybe its both. The fact is, it went away.... But my ego didnt. Unitl about 2 weeks ago that is...

I will not go into detail about how i was given the baggy's or why i was originally searched by the schools police liason.... I will say this though, The reason's of WHY i am where i am, why i have been in and out of Prison, expelled from high school, sent to Narcotics Annoyomous Meetings, and even why i am court order'ed to be in Teenage Rehabilitation from 9:00am to 3:00pm every weekday, even christmas...

The following are everything ive done wrong that i feel i must get off my chest.... if there is a XXX the charge or rule broken has either been discredited, the charge was dropped or paid, and if i was able to talk my way out of it, 000 means i got away with it....

000+Chain Wallet (Presumed Makeshift Weapon)
XXX+2 Counts of Gang Parafenalia
000+dress code violation (Jeans below proper waist length)
+Possession of 1 Advil Liquid Gel
+Cannabis Related Notes Confiscated
000+Presumption of Gang Activity
XXX+Presumption of Premeditated Violence towards a peer

+6 Counts of Drug Parafenalia
000+Probable Cause Towards Belief in Gang Activity
000+Probable Cause Towards Vandalism (Graphitti Tags)
XXX+Possession of 1 Unused and Clean 1 Gram sized Baggy
XXX+Obstruction Of Justice
+Possession of estimated 5 to 7 Grams of Powdered Cocaine with unknown intent

000+J-Walking on Maijor Roadway
XXX+Possession of Drug Parafenalia
XXX+Standard Retail Theft ($12.50+ item value) (1 count)
XXX+Minor Retail Theft (item value below $7.50) (1 count)
000+Tresspassing on Federal Property
000+Tresspassing on Private Property
XXX+Tresspassing on Post-Private Property (Example: Construction Zone)
XXX+Public Indecentsy Violation upon Vulgar Language in a highly populated public area
XXX+Public Noise Violaion
XXX+Probable Cause towards Gang Activity
000+Probable Cause towards Vandalism

I should have a clean record in once i am 21 according to a mandate by the Judge.
Stay off drugs, but if you have to do drugs, go big or go snort some crack and die you dumbass mother fucker.
Thank you for reading...

gang activity is in relation to Undead Army East. BREAKER.


2008-10-30 05:26:50 by Lookaz

lets see... its 4:19am. why the fuck am i on newgrounds at 4 fucking... now 20am?

cuz im grunded til spring break... why might you ask? and whats that have to do with what time it is.

Im grounded, meaning, no computer, so im up at night... checking email, myspace, ng, all that shiznit. No big deal, right?
Here is why im grounded.

- Caught Shoplifting 2 CD's from Meijer (Slipknot and Public Enemy)
- Possession of a deadly weapon (pocket knife) (((WTF?S???S)))
- Drug Periphenalia (Pipe, Dimebag, Lighter)
- Possession of less than 1 gram of Marijuana
(then to top it off)
- J-Walking Offence on a major road by bike.

What pisses me off is that they considered my pocket knife a deadly weapon. and the fact that they took my pipe! That pipe was fucking Irish Oak with a hemp filter! And its just idiotic they gave me a warning about walking my bike across Route 59 by bike, its just stupid.

so bored... i need some acid or somthin, peace.


2008-10-18 00:47:29 by Lookaz

i say fuck redemptionin the eyes of the lord, i say Sex, Drugs, Music, and blind eyed anarchyis a way of life.


2008-10-03 21:20:29 by Lookaz

random letters


2 more

2008-09-30 00:32:26 by Lookaz

okay, i had 3 now i have 2 more, i have 5 dollars i need 15 more til i can buy bud.


2008-09-28 03:52:32 by Lookaz

saving up money for weed... im at 3 bucks. lol