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2008-10-30 05:26:50 by Lookaz

lets see... its 4:19am. why the fuck am i on newgrounds at 4 fucking... now 20am?

cuz im grunded til spring break... why might you ask? and whats that have to do with what time it is.

Im grounded, meaning, no computer, so im up at night... checking email, myspace, ng, all that shiznit. No big deal, right?
Here is why im grounded.

- Caught Shoplifting 2 CD's from Meijer (Slipknot and Public Enemy)
- Possession of a deadly weapon (pocket knife) (((WTF?S???S)))
- Drug Periphenalia (Pipe, Dimebag, Lighter)
- Possession of less than 1 gram of Marijuana
(then to top it off)
- J-Walking Offence on a major road by bike.

What pisses me off is that they considered my pocket knife a deadly weapon. and the fact that they took my pipe! That pipe was fucking Irish Oak with a hemp filter! And its just idiotic they gave me a warning about walking my bike across Route 59 by bike, its just stupid.

so bored... i need some acid or somthin, peace.


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2008-12-09 18:24:10

how did you get caught?

Lookaz responds:

dudes stopped me at the door from leaving, i was almost home free...