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Cunt Fuck Piss Ass Shit Skippity Do-wah!

2009-04-04 22:27:06 by Lookaz


6 to 12 months Probation with random drug screening
30 hours community service
10:15pm Curfew, oppososed to townships curfew of 11:15pm


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2009-04-04 22:45:57


Lookaz responds:

your not that talkative... your name misleads me... this makes me sad.... boo-hoo damn it...


2009-04-04 23:00:36

Are you emo bastard? U look emo bastard. Yes, that is a sentence for possession and curfew, I think.

Lookaz responds:

Actually, yeah. i was. back in 8th grade i had a phase.

good guess, over 2 years late.


2010-06-21 09:32:14

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